Corporate Greed

by Mammoth

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released May 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Mammoth Wichita, Kansas

Hardcore band from Wichita, Kansas.

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Track Name: P.O.Y.E.
"I never could love someone like you. I never would trust someone like you. Place the blame, forget my name. Ain't got no time for your childish games. Save the excuse, try the truth. You're the problem with our fuckin' youth. No matter where I go, no matter where I turn. You're standing on this bridge that I'm about to fucking burn. You've crossed the line one too many times, get the fuck out of my mind."
Track Name: Brownback/brown nose
"Taking education from our nation. Free for all, putting knowledge on probation. Fending for ourselves, government brains on shelves. It's like ass to mouth the way they shit the corporate greed and they spit in our faces during fucking times of need. You're no leader. You're no scholar. I won't be led on by a collar. Sold your soul for the American dollar."
Track Name: ITUE
"Walkin' 'round with your head held high. No rhyme, no reason, or why. Fingers pointed towards the sky, everyone knows you're a fucking lie. Sneaking in through back doors, you take and take yet you still want more. Only support what you think is keen, stay the fuck out of our scene. Talk all your shit on the internet, playing music just to cash a check. Come around here, we'll break your fuckin' neck. In the unlikely event you make it outta here, in the unlikely event you get where you're going...there will be no congratulations. No motherfucking congratulations. When it's all said and done, I called you out on your fucking game."